Best video editing App for  Instagram reels

Best video editing App for  Instagram reels


Instagram is the most popular App , used by millions of users . Just like FB and Tiktok, instagram has a Reels section . After the ban of tiktok in India , instagram has launched Reels option on instagram App . Most people loved the tik tok App because of its simple interface and easy to use . tiktok has  hundreds of visual effects and users could have created videos by recording them directly in the App , therefore Tik Tok App had become popular , but India banned the Tik Tok App in 2020 . After the banning of tiktok different types of App which is similar to Tik Tok App have come in the market but no one can replace tiktok . finally instagram had launched Reels section in aug 2020 .  after tiktok within a year instagram Reels became most famous worldwide. Now instagram reels have become the hottest types of posts in the leading visual platform. Millions of people interact through instagram  reels . instagram provides many features for making reels better . previously instagram focused on posts but now instagram mainly focuses on reels . If you are an instagram user then you might know if you want to grow on instagram quickly so you should make reels and upload it on instagram everyday . Instagram reels are a great way to drive traffic to a user’s profile . 

If you want to grow on instagram , you have to make reels . so i will show you the best video editing App for reels in 2023. 


CapCut :


CapCut is the most versatile video editing App because of its  amazing features. It has different types of transition effects . This is a very fast and smooth App . you get many different options on it , like you will get the text option and it includes stickers , auto caption , text template and you can easily draw anything . After that you can give effect from effect option , effect option includes video effect , body effect, and photo effect . I personally like this App , I recommend it to everyone who wants to create video for instagram reels so this App really helps you with its amazing features . This App will help you to make trending or viral reels . I have seen many users who got millions of followers using this App for trending reels . This App is banned in India so you can use another App instead of Capcut . you can use an inShot App instead of Capcut but you will not get the features like capcut . you have another way to use Capcut and get benefits from using it .


VN video editor : 


VN video editor is the second brilliant video editing App . you will get many transition effects . Many instagram users make their videos using this App . Vn video editor  gives you an easy to use interface . After Capcut this App will help you to make trending videos for instagram . It is very easy to use , even beginners can also use this App easily  . this App available on playstore , you can easily download .


InShot :  inShot is the most used App in the world . it has 500m downloads so far . Most youtubers make their videos using this App .  This is very simple and easy to use in all different types of App . you can easily add any fonts . using this App you can make reels for instagram . I had a great experience with this App . I make videos using both CapCut and InShot App. you can easily download from play store or google chrome 


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