Difference between iphone 15 pro max and iPhone 14 pro max

Difference between iPhone 15 pro max and iPhone 14 pro max

Apple introduced the iphone 15 and 15 plus, alongside iphone 15 pro and iphone 15 pro max. Apple launched the iphone series in September 2023. In this article we cover the topic of the difference between the iPhone 15 pro max and iphone 14 pro max. Why should you buy an iPhone 15 pro max?

Apple is renowned for its high quality. Apple introduced the new iphone 15 pro max has A17 pro processor, while iphone 14 pro max has A16 bionic processor. Apple also did some improvements in camera in 15 pro max. Yes if you want the best high quality so this is the best improvement by apple. Apple has made camera improvements like Apple does have 5x mode now this year. I really like this.

Performance and capability :

Now we talk about better performance, so iPhone 15 pro max is excellent in performance. The Iphone 14 pro max comes with A16 bionic Chipset while iphone 15 pro max comes with A 17 pro chipset which is a huge difference in both phones. A17 pro will give next level performance to iphone 15 pro max. The iphone 14 pro max had 6 Gb ram but now you will get 8Gb ram in iphone 15 pro max. Overall performance will be great with the iphone 15 pro max. But it is expected that there will be a major difference with the battery but you will be disappointed here because Apple has not made any changes with the previous 14 pro max and new iphone 15 pro max battery. Now we will talk about the sensor of both phones, so Apple has made improvements in the sensor of the iPhone 15 Pro max. You will get a second generation ultra wideband chipset in 15 pro max.

Price of iphone 15 pro max and 14 pro max :

Now last we will talk about the price of both phones. The 15 pro max starts with 159900 inr, so it is very expensive as compared to iphone 14 pro max. Because iPhone 14 pro max 128000 with 128gb variant.

14 pro max and all the previous pro models used to come with shiny stainless steel sides, on which finger prints could be easily found. But in the iphone 15 pro max Apple has used titanium. Titanium is lighter than stainless steel. If we talk about the edges of iphone 15 pro max is contoured now. Edges will not stick to your hand. Ip rating and all the things are the same.

Battery life :

One of the main features besides the 5x camera lens, the battery life of iphone 15 pro max, yes this is the biggest change between both the pro max phones.

Another difference you can see in the iPhone 15 and 14 pro max is, there was a silent switch, which was toggled to remove the phone from silent. Instead of that you can see the action button in 15 pro max. Apple has not made changes in the display of both pro max. There is no difference. Brightness and resolution are both same but the major difference in both pro max phones is Type – C and lightning port.


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