Honor 90 5G full review

Honor 90 5G review :


The smartphone industry is constantly evolving in terms of design and  performance . The smartphone industry has advanced now . Honor 90 5G smartphone is the best and elegant smartphone.

There are many different types of mobile phones launched this year . every mobile has some distinctive quality and design  from others , such as vivo known for their built quality and camera quality performance, whereas motorola known for its elegant design and performance. 

Most of the people liked Honor smartphones and are still waiting for honor to come back . Now Honor has come back with Honor90 smartphone in India. This is good news for those who love Honor smartphones.


Design : 

Honor has come back with its stunning design and premium look . It is a well constructed mobile , which is very light in weight and looks sleek. The thickness of the phone is only 7.8 mm . The design of honor 90 is attractive and luxurious . 

Honor 90 offers three attractive colors , midnight black, emerald green , diamond silver and peacock blue . Emerald green is one of my favorites . It is  really nice and looks elegant in my hands. Honor has done an excellent job in design. It is the most attractive phone after the VIVO V27 and VIVO V29e . It is lightweight and build quality smartphone.


Display : 

Honor offers an excellent and immersive display.

Honor 90 has a 120 Hz refresh rate with AMOLED panel . It has a resolution of (2664×1200). The brightness of the phone is 1600 nits. The size of the display is 6.7 inches. Display has another feature of dynamic dimming, which means it’s automatically dim so that eyes won’t feel any strain.


Processor :

Honor 90 5G powered by Qualcomm snapdragon 7 Gen 1 accelerated edition with Octa core processor. If you are a game enthusiast you should try this smartphone, because it offers 8Gb RAM with 256GB of storage.


Battery :

Honor offers a larger battery capacity of 5000mAh. You can easily fill up the battery from zero to hundred in just 55 minutes because of its fast charging capacity.


  • 5000mAh battery capacity
  • 66W fast charger 

Honor offer 66W fast charger.   In terms of battery life, the Honor can comfortably last a full day with normal usage.


Conclusion :

Honor has come back in India, honor was part of huawei but now honor has split from huawei. Honor 90 offers a slim and shiny smartphone and it has a large display. It has a premium design and quad curved display. Honor has done excellent work in their design. Battery capacity is brilliant and enough for regular usage. It has a 66w fast charger so you don’t need to wait more for it to fill up. Some users of honor have given their own feedback.

Like someone said, ‘ I have had plenty of Honor devices, honor 6x, honor view 10, honor play, still own it with better and display replacement, they all had some of the best camera features. 

Despite the all features and performance,Honor 90 should improve their single speaker to dual speaker, and it has no IP rating, It does not provide software updates according to industry standards.



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