How to install an email tracker in google chrome?

How to install an email tracker in google chrome?

In today’s digital world, email plays an important role, whether it is personal or professional communications. It is not just about sending messages, it’s about how your emails are received or engaged with.

Email trackers are the most used google chrome extension. There are many types of email trackers chrome extension available in the chrome web store. Email trackers are tools that allow you to keep tabs on your email interaction. Giving you insights into whether your emails have been opened and read.

In this article I will give a comprehensive guide on how to install an email tracker in google chrome and how to use it.


Before installing the email tracker, we have to understand what email trackers are?

Broadly email trackers are software tools or browser extensions that enable you to monitor the delivery and interaction of your emails.

Different uses of email tracker :

Email open notifications:  these alerts inform you when recipients open your emails and provide real time information.

Read receipts: email trackers confirm if the recipient has read the email.

Click tracking:  click tracking allows you to see if your contacts clicked a link within emails, and notify you when recipients click on them.

Engagement metrics: many email trackers compile engagement metrics for your email. Such as the total number of opens and click through rates.


Installing an Email tracker in Google chrome :

We have known the importance of Email trackers, now we will understand the installation process of email trackers in Google chrome.


Select the right email trackers you want:

Google chrome offers a variety of email trackers extensions, each with its distinct features and pricing options.

To choose the one that suits you best, keep the following points in mind.

Features: determine the tracking capabilities you need. Do you want basic tracking? Like email opens and receipts, and other advanced features like click tracking and engagement metrics?

User reviews: Check the user reviews and ratings for different email trackers extensions in the chrome web store to assess their performance.

Compatibility: Ensure that the email tracker you choose is compatible with your email service provider.


Install the email tracker extension:

To install your chosen email tracker follow these steps:

  • Open your Google chrome web browser
  • Type chrome web store in chrome and press enter
  • In the chrome web store, use the search bar in the upper left corner to find your email tracker. Like I am searching for a mailtrack.
  • Once you locate the extension in search results, click on it to access the extension detail page.
  • Click the Add to chrome button. Click add extension to proceed.
  • The extension will be downloaded and installed in your chrome browser.


Set up the email tracker:

After installing the email tracker, you will need to set it up. The setup process may be different. You need to follow below step

  • Click on the extension’s icon in the top right corner of the browser.
  • Click the Sign up button
  • Once the setup is complete, the extension will be ready to use.


ConclusionEmail trackers are the google chrome extension which help in email interaction and improve email  communication strategy.


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