PS4 controller is not connecting

PS4 controller is not connecting   PS4 controller is also known as DualShock 4. It is the primary game controller for the PlayStation 4 gaming console. It has different types of features, input buttons, analog sticks and touchpad. From using these features everyone can play games and interact with it. The PS4 controller is the … Read more

Top 5 educational computer games for children

Top 5 educational computer games for children

Top 5 educational computer games for children In today’s digital era, educational computer games into children’s learning routines have become increasingly popular. These games not only engage children in a fun and interactive way, but they also help develop important skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and literacy. In this article I will tell you … Read more

best upcoming smartphones in 2023

Best upcoming smartphones in 2023    The smartphone industry is constantly evolving, with new devices and innovations regularly. To stay updated about upcoming smartphones, it’s essential to follow tech news. It is the month of November so we can say it is the month of the festival. There are many smartphones launched last month. In … Read more

best free ai video editors

best free ai video editor   Ai is now an emerging technology, and this technology will become more advanced after some years. Artificial intelligence is a machine which can think like a human. We all might hear about chat gpt which is developed by open Ai and driven by Ai language. Chat gpt capable of … Read more

Honor 90 5G full review

Honor 90 5G full reviews

Honor 90 5G review :   The smartphone industry is constantly evolving in terms of design and  performance . The smartphone industry has advanced now . Honor 90 5G smartphone is the best and elegant smartphone. There are many different types of mobile phones launched this year . every mobile has some distinctive quality and … Read more

IQOO Z7 Pro full reviews

IQOO Z7 Pro honest reviews : This smartphone was launched on 31 August 2023. We all know IQOO gives us better performance smartphones with their stylish design. This phone has elegant design and amazing features. So if you are looking for the best smartphone in this festival, it might be the best smartphone for you … Read more

Best android phones under 30000 rupees

Best android phones under 30000 rupees :    If you are looking to buy a smartphone for 30000 rupees, in this article you will know the best smartphone for you. Furthermore you will know the amazing features of smartphones. You all know, this is the best time to buy a smartphone because this is the … Read more

Motorola G84 5G review

Motorola g84 5G Smartphone Review :   Motorola introduced its new smartphone motorola g84. Motorola launched this phone on 1 September 2023. Motorola g84 comes with brilliant features, especially its color and design which look pretty good. Motorola smartphones are always on top in designing and have an attractive look. This smartphone is a decently … Read more