best free ai video editors

best free ai video editor


Ai is now an emerging technology, and this technology will become more advanced after some years. Artificial intelligence is a machine which can think like a human. We all might hear about chat gpt which is developed by open Ai and driven by Ai language. Chat gpt capable of making any article based on context.

if your are content writer so you must heard about chat gpt , many writers use of chat gpt for creating content for article, chat gpt also help those who are new in content writing. Chat gpt has millions of users worldwide. It was launched on 30 November 2022.

Writers can take help from chat gpt and it is easy to use, they can use chat gpt and improve their writing skills.  Ai has come into the video editing industry too , AI can edit video perfectly as per need. Some AI software can generate video from your text . AI video editors have the ability to transcribe spoken words in videos too.  In this article i will show you, the best video editing ai website, you can use and make videos easily.




It is a flawless AI video editing website.With the help of templates you can easily generate video for your business. Synthesia is able to generate text to audio impeccably.  Synthesia AI video editor has more than four lacs traffic each month. One of the best things is that Synthesia gives you 120+ language support. It has quality  AI avatars. features :  


  • 120+ language support 
  • It can convert text to video quickly 
  • It has quality avatars 
  • Synthesia convert text to speech 




if you are looking for creating best videos in just few clicks so will really help you. It has almost 4 million monthly visitors. It is a very popular AI video editing website. VEED.IO is constantly innovating with artificial intelligence. It has more advanced features than other AI tools.  

You can translate videos with 100+ languages. has more visitors because most peoples use tool for creating videos for youtube.

With the help of VEED.IO you can easily generate subtitles for your videos automatically. You don’t need to wait for two to three days, you have to just go to VEED.IO and you can generate subtitles in just minutes according to your video length or quality. 


VEED.IO features :


  • It can generate text to speech
  • You can add subtitles to your video in minutes with full accuracy
  • Add text to video automatically
  • transcribing video and translate
  • It can trim, crop and resize any videos
  • It has different types of font options for subtitling videos 
  • You can remove background noise 
  • VEED.IO has brilliant filters for videos 

Interestingly, opens easily on mobile phones as well. Among many choices, is the best choice for editing online video in just a few minutes. Many YouTubers and instagram users are using for creating videos fast. I have seen many YouTubers who wasted their time to create videos for youtube,now they can create perfect videos for Youtube and get more subscribers.

Kapwing is also the best online AI video editor. It has almost two million monthly visitors. After the,kapwing has more visitors. Kapwing is known for its fast services. 


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