PS4 controller is not connecting

PS4 controller is not connecting


PS4 controller is also known as DualShock 4. It is the primary game controller for the PlayStation 4 gaming console. It has different types of features, input buttons, analog sticks and touchpad. From using these features everyone can play games and interact with it.

The PS4 controller is the best gaming controller which allows gamers to play games and enjoy while using it.


R on PS4 controller

R is the right trigger button. It is also called R2. You can use it while shooting and accelerating in the games.



L is on PS4 controller

L is the left trigger button, it is known as L2. Every gamer can take action using this button.because it is usually used for the action in the game.



PS4 controller not connecting :

If your ps4 controller is not connecting to your console you can simply try these are a few steps to solve.


Charge the controller :

Check that controller has enough battery charge. Sometimes you have to charge the controller for connecting to your console. So first charging the controller.


Check USB cables and ports


Check if your USB cable is good or not. If it is damaged, then you have to change the USB cable for reconnection.


Restart the PS4


Sometimes you have to only restart the console for connection. It can solve the issue. So turn off the ps4 controller completely and wait for a while. Restart the controller again. You will see that your problem will be solved just by doing a restart.


Reset the controller


Press the reset button on the back of the controller. After that try connecting it to the ps4. Issue might be solved by this method.



Conclusion :


The PS4 controller is the game controller. It has various functions including triggers, input buttons and so on. Gamers can interact with games using the PS4 controller. If you have a ps4 controller, you can face some issues related to the ps4 controller. Basically you will have to do only given steps like restart the controller, reset the controller, check USB cables, charge the ps4 controller. You can apply these four amazing tricks to reconnect the ps4 controller.





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