Apple Watch ultra 2 review

Apple Watch ultra 2 review 

In this article we are going to covering about Apple watch ultra 2 review.

We are eagerly waiting for Apple’s products. Apple watch ultra 2 is a second generation of Apple watch.

Apple recently launched Apple Watch Ultra 2. This apple watch features the S9 chip and watchOS10.

Apple watch ultra 2 is powdered with apple silicon in the S9 sip.

Apple has said officially this apple watch ultra has amazing features including a double tap gesture and on device siri. Double table can control the primary button of the app.

The gesture can be used for play and pause music whenever you want.

And gestures can help to answer and end phone calls, these features make Apple Watch Ultra 2 different and easy to use,most capable and make it very faster.This is the biggest update Apple has made.

Price of Apple watch ultra 2 :

Apple unveiled the best watch, easy to use and perfect watch ever with brilliant display and outstanding performance.If we talk about price of this apple watch ultra 2 is 799$.


Display of Apple watch ultra 2 :

Apple has gave the biggest update this year. Apple watch ultra 2 has outstanding display and brilliant performance with sapphire touch screen and 49mm410×502 LTPO OLED.


Processor of Apple watch ultra 2 :

Apple watch ultra had apple S8 with 64 bit dual core processor while apple watch ultra 2 has apple S9 with 64 bit dual core processor which play brilliant role in this new apple watch update.


Battery : 

Apple has given the best watch with excellent features. If we talk about the battery of apple watch ultra 2  has the same battery capacity 36h battery life as apple watch ultra.

Except all update of new launched apple watch battery is same as previous apple watch 



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