4 Things You Should Do With Your New Computer

  • First four things you should do with your new computer when you purchased it. It is most important to secure computer and protect from malware. So in this article i will tell you four things you should do with your new computer.


Set up a Strong Password:


When you purchased new computer first thing is to do is set up strong password for your new computer.

Set up strong password which you will never forget.

Strong password keep your information safe and Protect your accounts from being hacked.


Using a strong password is essential because it is help to protect your computer from unauthorized person or activity.

Strong password can help for secure your data from cybercrime.


2) Install antimalware program

Second thing you should do is install antimalware program in your computer.

Antimalware can help protect from malware attack from all scanning data. Antimalware detect advanced form of malware and it protect from ransomware attack.


3) Install New available updates for your computer

Third thing is also valuable we can’t neglect it, Because install of updates can protect your data, and most important thing is you get the new feature in your new computer which can also make computer easy and fast. Update of computer directly can enhance overall performance of your new computer. So update your computer if you see update. and get

Amazing feature from using update.

If you install new update in your computer your computer play better role in its performance. After update you will see some program which was show some bugs but after installing update you will see the bugs removed. So you should take advantage of your new update.


4) Signup for online backup service


Last thing you should do is that signup for online backup services. Yeah it is very important point to keep your data safe in online world.

First thing we should understand that what is online backup services?

So online backup services can protect your data and stored it safe always.

We can us it in the event of data loss. It is easy to recover any file you want to recover, online backup services don’t take more time. Either it is very easy and fast.

We can manage easily data of our computer or laptop.







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