What is internet? Internet and its uses

Article by Shivangi Badone

Internet :
In one word we can say that the internet is an interconnected network. Which allows us to connect with each other even when we are at a vast distance. In today’s world internet is a vital part of our lives, we can not imagine a day without the internet. In the modern world, we are in an era of transformation due to only the internet and technology. We going to make a history in terms of technology. The Internet gives us a comfortable and convenient life, humans do not have this comfort before the era of the Internet and computers.

Nowadays, we are totally dependent on the internet, from food delivery to office work, from grocery to home cleaning, we can find on the net everything with only a click. Some very brilliant applications or software are a part of the internet.

History of the Internet:
1960s: ARPANET, was created by the U.S. Department of Defense’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA).
1970s: The term “internet” was coined, and the concept of email was introduced.
1980s: The Domain Name System (DNS) was developed to make it easier to navigate the growing network.
1990: Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web (WWW).
1990s: The internet exploded in popularity, with the launch of web browsers.
Late 1990s: The “dot-com bubble” has come.
Early 2000s: The internet continued to expand, and broadband connections became more common in this period, enabling faster access. Social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube emerged and started growing till nowadays.
2010s: The internet became increasingly mobile-centric with the rise of smartphones and the development of 4G networks.
Present: The internet has become a vital part of daily life, with billions of users worldwide.
Applications are a mandatory part of the Internet:
Different applications for different uses, the application is nothing, it is software. through software, we can do particular work on the same computer/ PC.
Productivity Applications:
Microsoft Office Suite
Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)
Communication and Social Media Applications:
WhatsApp: A popular messaging app for text and voice communication.
Facebook: A social media platform for connecting and sharing with friends and family.
Entertainment Applications:
Spotify: A music streaming app for listening to music.
OTT (Over-the-Top) platforms are nothing but an application that provides personalized content, through which he feels more comfortable and convenient, We can choose our content consciously.
Navigation and Mapping Applications:
Google Maps: Provides maps, directions, and location-based services.
Waze: A navigation app that relies on user-generated data for real-time traffic information.
E-commerce and Shopping Applications:
eBay: An online auction and shopping app.
News and Information Applications:
CNN: A news app for staying updated on current events.
Flipboard: An app for personalized news and content aggregation.
Finance and Banking Applications:
PayPal: A digital wallet and online payment app.
Mint: A budgeting and financial management app.
Travel and Booking Applications:
Booking.com: An app for booking accommodations and travel.
Expedia: An online travel agency app for flights, hotels, and more.
Education and Learning Applications:
Duolingo: A language learning app.
Khan Academy: An educational app offering courses on a variety of subjects.

Internet is essential for all aspects of life example, in both types of education online and offline, in entertainment, media, social media, tours and travels, grocery delivery or food delivery.

The modern world is perfect because of the internet, we can’t imagine our life without it. It is a blessing of technology for us, let’s not make it a sin. But use it more and by use it for wrong.

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